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Just joined & wanted to tell a little about myself.   <3

Name: Heather
Age: 23 on 3/5 :0)
Location: Northeast OH, outside Cleveland
When did you start watching passions? Started watching sporadicaly in April 2001, fully in Sept. 2002
Who's your favorite characters and why? Theresa, of course. She is such a dreamer, and as a Pisces I can totally relate. Ethan & Theresa trully belong together. I love that she's calling all the shots & her new friendship with Kay.
Who's you least favorite characters and why? Gwen totally. She is a coniving b%^ch & has no heart I swear. I hope that the truth about the tabloids come out soon & she looses Ethan forever.
When did you become a Theresa fan? Episode 1.
What can you bring to the community? My opinions & Theresa = love & Gwen = hate.


Hey does anyone know where I can find a premade layout of Passions for my LJ? I've been looking everywhere & it seems like no one has made one. If someone knows of one can you please link, or if someone is that smart & talented can you make me one?!?!? 

Thanks! :0)

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