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Hola guys, I wanted to invite you to have a little RPG fun! We have a great cast so far, but we need more members have lots of fun! Here's a list of characters. You can play more than one character, and we are in dire need of some male characters!

Current Cast of Characters:
Alistair Crane
Antonio Lopez-Fitzgerald
Beth Wallace
Chad Harris
Charity Standish
Christopher Boothe
Cracked Connie
David Hastings
Edna Wallace
Ethan Winthrop
Eve Johnson Russell
Fancy Crane

Faith Standish
Frank Lomax
Grace Bennett
Gwen Hotchkiss Winthrop
Hank Bennett
Ivy Winthrop Crane
Jessica Bennett
John Hastings
Julian Crane
Katherine Barrett Crane
Kay Bennett

Liz Sanbourne
Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald
Martin Fitzgerald
Maya Chinn
Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald
Nicholas Foxworth Crane
Noah Bennett
Paloma Lopez-Fitzgerald
Pilar Lopez-Fitzgerald
Rachel Barrett
Rebecca Hotchkiss Crane

Reese Durkee
Sam Bennett
Sheridan Crane Lopez-Fitzgerald
Simone Russell
Syd Valentine
T.C. Russell
Tabitha Lenox
Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald
Valerie Davis
Whitney Russell
Zombie Charity

The ones that I play are only temporarily taken, but you can see the list here:

Please join and help us out!

By the way, here's a quick and silly summary that's not entirely true but should make you want to join:

Maya and Fancy have a confrontation at the pier and one wants to throw the other into the river! Which will win?!
Ethan and Rebecca get into a huge argument, and Ethan gets summoned to Crane Industries to sign custody papers! Dun dun dun!!!!
After Rebecca blows up about Ethan being alone with Theresa, Gwen and Kay try to commit suicide by strawberries!!! Will this lead to another set of strawberry suicide bombs?!
Theresa tries to sway Ethan! Will the vixen get her way?!
Little Ethan jumps out of a window and lands in the ER! Can Dr. Eve save him?!!

Find out next time on: MyPassions
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