catfights and cataplexy (zeppogrl7) wrote in team_theresa,
catfights and cataplexy

hi everybody im new, and i saw some do this so i thought i would to to introduce myself:

Name: Corey [yes im a girl]
Age: 21
Location: upstate ny
When did you start watching passions? i believe about a month after it started.
Who's your favorite characters and why? Theresa, of course. i love how she is a hopeless romantic and it is so freakin awesome that she is in charge now. i love it when she gets the upperhand and gets cocky about it. i also love her crying scenes, especially the one i think around new years when the fake martin fell through the ceiling and she was crying to her mother outside.
Who's you least favorite characters and why? Gwen, hello did you forget that Jane isn't your child?? i was floored when she said she would go it alone with Jane! and I don't really like Sheridan because she's been getting kind of annoying.
When did you become a Theresa fan? from the first time i saw the show!
What can you bring to the community? my opinions and hopefully some icons! =D
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