Joy (lustinaholic) wrote in team_theresa,

I ET montage

Hey everyone! I made this ET montage a lil while ago, and I decided I'd go ahead and share it w/ you all. I debated even posting it, cuz well, IMO its not all that great! I think I could have done better, but oh well, LOL! Here it is, for those of you who wanna watch. Its done to the song I Melt by Rascal Flatts. Enjoy and feedback is love! Thxs!!!
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Loved it! :)
Also, mind if I add you??
Thank you! And yes, plz add me!!! I'll add you too!!! :)
I have no sound on this computer (I'm at school) so I will watch it later, but let me say I already love your choice of song! lol
Awwwwwe, thank you! hehe! I love the song choice too!! :)
song was perfect, clips were perfect... it was PERFECT! =)
Awwwwwwwwe! *blushes* thank you! You are too sweet!!! *hugs*