Joy (lustinaholic) wrote in team_theresa,

Anyone luvin JaResa other then me?! LOL!

How cute were JaResa today? I am seriously luvin them together! I cant wait til their first date!!! ***squeeeeeeeees*** But anywho, todays eppy was so cute! I loved the whole ballgame storyline! It was great seeing Theresa happy and having fun instead of moping over Ethan and crying all the time! I really hope JER doesnt screw up JaResa, like he did TheRox! He had a goldmine w/ TheRox, but didnt run w/ it! **grumbles** IMO, Jared is another Fox...well, Justins Fox, that is! LOL! And I couldnt be more happier either! hehehe! I'm ready for some more JaResa scenes, how about you?! Share your thoughts!!!
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