k-bizzle. (x0kimmon0x) wrote in team_theresa,

This is what happens when you make your bf watch...

Me: Ethan's such an idiot, he's like "oh no I'm married but every time you kiss me I'm gonna shove my tongue in your mouth!" Would you do that?

Bf: I don't know, let's play it out... I'm the married guy and you're the weird strange chick.

Me: I'm weird?

Bf: Well isn't that girl on the show kinda crazy?

Me: He left her for his ex because she was pregnant and he keeps leading her on. She's just going along with that when she should move on.

Bf: Okay, so I'm married and you're....my ex.

Me: Am I supposed to kiss you now?

Bf: I guess?

Me: Oh, Jack, you can't deny our love is so powerful!

Bf: *bursts into laughter*

lol. the end.
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