k-bizzle. (x0kimmon0x) wrote in team_theresa,

Okay, so I'm watching my tape of Passions from today, and it's bothering me a LOT. Now I have never liked Ethan, but right now he is being SO STUPID. Let's think about it. If I were offered the position as head of a company that I've always wanted to be head of, and I had the chance to help hundreds or thousands of people (I do not know the population of Harmony lol), and I could actually make a difference, but all I had to do was work next door to Theresa, I would take the freakin' job. But not Ethan! He seriously has to think about if his wife would be pissed off at him or not. Sounds mighty selfish of Gwen to deny him all of that so that he can be "happier" with her and her kidnapped daughter (since she would be taken out of state against Theresa's will and all).

I think Theresa is (for once) actually 80%+ thinking about Ethan and how this will help him, and of course she always has her plans for him to be with her in the back of her mind but for once it seems that she is really thinking of him.
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